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We are a company founded by four partners dedicated to the world of forex. We trade on the EUR/USD currency market.

We offer the possibility to invest in euros, dollars and even gold, obtaining passive profits through a service called copytrading.

¿Qué es copytrading?

Service where, after linking your trading account to our master account, it replicates in a proportional way every movement executed by us automatically. The client will be able to see in real time what happens and the trader will never have access to it. We do not handle any capital and the money always remains in the hands of the investor, in addition to being under the regulatory licenses of the broker itself (Roboforex) that allows the use of this product.

It is not necessary to have any knowledge whatsoever, as we will take care of all the operations.

The investor’s money is never in the hands of third parties; it always remains in his own account verified with his own documentation (KYC).

There are no permanencies, memberships, capital retentions or monthly commissions. Only a 50% share of the profits generated.


We are fully transparent, showing results from the start

We are a real and demonstrable product through audits

We do not hide losses or drawdowns. (Negative float)

We do not promise profits or a percentage of monthly profitability. In financial markets and products, it is totally illegal to guarantee profits, as we would be committing a crime. If any company or trader carries out this type of action, you could be facing a case of deception-scam, as any capital investment involves risk

We have direct contact with our clients through telephone, video calls and even public zooms open to any investor who wants information about us explaining in more detail what RFPJ is



We work on a success basis; we only win if the client wins. In case of losses, no distribution will be made until the negative is recovered and the initial balance is restored to the accounts.

  • In trading one of the biggest advantages is compound interest. For this very reason, we have decided to distribute profits every four weeks so that our share of the profit stays with us and generates a higher return

  • All trades are monitored always by at least one of our traders 24/5 while the market remains open

  • We have two audits of our master accounts in order to have all the details in terms of statistics.
    The first one is carried out by an external company: RFPJ Audit in myfxbook
    La segunda a través del propio bróker con el que trabajamos y compartimos este servicio: RFPJ Audit in Roboforex

  • We trade with very low risk. Our main objective is to conserve capital before making returns

How to get started with us?

For ease and follow-up of the process to follow, enter the telegram channel where the pdf guides are hosted


Or in our telegram support chat




MT4 ECN Account

From 20.000
  • Spread from 0.0 pips
  • Higher compound interest
  • Higher profitability

MT4 Pro Cent Account

  • Cent (micro) accounts
  • Spread from 1.3 pips
  • Expressed in cents

MT4 Cent Affiliate Account

  • Cent (micro) accounts
  • Spread from 1.3 pips
  • Expressed in cents

Why do we trade EUR/USD?

  • They are the two most powerful currencies in the world in terms of the market and offer a lot of movement to take advantage of in trading

  • We believe that despite the volatility that this pair may have, it offers fantastic opportunities to be regular and consistent

  • Today, fundamental analysis is as important or more important than technical analysis if possible, which is why we have seen the EUR/USD as a pair that is quite affected by this type of news and events generating more winning entries

Contact with us

Follow us on any of our social networks and tag us sharing your results or account with RFPJ